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The 3D movie double feature

Ahhhh, the 3D movie. ¬†Awesome in the cinema but terrible at home. I’m still saying terrible because at the time of going to press there are still barely any out and none of which are any good for the new … Continue reading

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Sci-fi Movie Double Bill

It’s a broad genre I’m working with here. I could have included anything from Quatermass to Doctor Who via Star Wars and Battle Of The Planets here and they could all fit. Instead I’ve gone for a more intelligent couple … Continue reading

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The haunted house movie double bill

People love a good ghost story, they have done for generations. It’s in its best form when it’s believeable and right at your own door. So, spooky goings on always make for a great night in. Wait until it’s late … Continue reading

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The break-up movie double bill

You’re alone. Your girlfriend / wife / boyfriend / dog / husband / husband’s dog has left you. It’s time to begin the recovery process. So, what better way than heading in to a double bill built to help you … Continue reading

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