The break-up movie double bill

You’re alone. Your girlfriend / wife / boyfriend / dog / husband / husband’s dog has left you. It’s time to begin the recovery process. So, what better way than heading in to a double bill built to help you through this tough time. Also remember, they were a nightmare anyway and you’re better off without them.

First off we need to cleanse you of all the depression with a bit of misery. Nothing too close to home though, just something soul-soul-destroyingly awful with plenty of distance to it. Movies actually about cheating spouses and suicide are probably left well alone, to be honest.

Grave Of The Fireflies is an utterly harrowing animated film from Studio Ghibli,who also brought the world the much softer fayre of Spirited Away and the recent Ponyo. Yes, the anti-war story of two orphaned children abandoned to the elements during the Second World War is utterly miserable but hey, at least you’ll be able to say that: “Yes I am now single, but no I’ve never had to cremate my own younger sister and carry their ashes around in a sweet tin while waiting for my own death.” Think of  the film like Watership Down with more of a punch and better symbolism and you won’t be far off.

On to the trailers inbetween our features and lets keep it simple and try and raise a smile after that. Perhaps something that reminds you that there’s somebody for everybody, even though we’re all just fuck-ups.

On a similar theme a classic about journalism and hating other people.

On to the end of our break-up list and we’re bringing out the big guns. This film is, effectively, final proof that you can make things work with everybody. while being funny, intelligent, and featuring Bill Murray in full-on charm mode. It’s Groundhog Day

The reasons for this choice should be pretty obvious.
A) It address the fact of responsibility for our actions and the world around us.
B) It admits we all make mistakes.
C) It’s genuinely heart-warming.

The film is, effectively, a Bill Murray vehicle where he is forced to relive the same day again and again. It starts coldly cynical as he hates his job as weatherman while trapped in a small town. But, as the same day, literally, begins again and again he slow manages to change his life and earn the love of Andie MacDowell.

These days there would have to be some bullshit excuse as to why it was happening. As if the set-up was as important as the story. Some Lost-style mystery which adds nothing. But this really a foil for some jokes, a little romance and an uplifting ending in the traditionof 1950s Hollywood.

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