The haunted house movie double bill

People love a good ghost story, they have done for generations. It’s in its best form when it’s believeable and right at your own door. So, spooky goings on always make for a great night in. Wait until it’s late and there is a storm at your door and snuggle up with some things that go bump in the night.

First off, let’s have one of the best haunted house movies. The Haunting (1963) is a wonderful example of the classic rickety old house story as Dr John Markway leads a group of wannabe supernatural researchers to a, potentially, demonic house.

A slow burn of a movie, it set the best template for the genre as Director Robert Wise allows the house to slowly close in on its victim. There is little need for gore as the shocks all come from banging doors and groaning furniture. It’s a real textbook way to create an air of evil with tone. Don’t watch the 1999 remake, though, it’s terrible.

On to the trailers between our two features and first off lets have a little bit of Vincent Price cheese

Talking of a bit of over-the-top acting here is Ollie Reed and Bette Davis hamming it up to high heaven

If you’re talking haunted house movies you’ve got to have this classic, as a trailer at least,

On to our seond feature and to keep it a little different we’ll have a slightly different classic which actually bares some similairites to The Haunting but done in a different way. The Stone Tape is a TV drama broadcast in 1972.

Written by Nigel Kneale and starring Michael Bryant and Jane Asher it tells the story of a group of scientists who decide to investigate a haunted room in a castle they are working in. As time goes on they discover that there is an ancient evil at work here and they discover, too late, that they should leave well alone.

Using a mix of scientific jargon and classic ghost story, it’s a cult classic. Fans of old BBC sci-fi effects will also get a kick out of the work done here to bring the experiments, and the ghost, to life. Spooky, weird and unusual, it’s well worth a look. Here’s a clip of one of their experiements – it’s best played loud.

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