Sci-fi Movie Double Bill

It’s a broad genre I’m working with here. I could have included anything from Quatermass to Doctor Who via Star Wars and Battle Of The Planets here and they could all fit. Instead I’ve gone for a more intelligent couple of movies for the double bill here and also films that are quiet recent. No doubt, in a few months, I’ll do a wobbly set-fest but you’ll have to wait for that.

First off we are going slow and brooding. Moon, directed by Duncan Jones it features an incredible central performance by Sam Rockwell.

It tells the story of a caretaker who is isolated on the moon overseeing a mining operation. His three years are coming to an end and he’s about to go home. But something is wrong and with thing going wrong it isn’t clear whether he is going to make it back.

Effectively a story about isolation and identity it’s a lovely little movie about the world’s worst long distance relationship.

On to our trailers between the features and we are going for some old classics you might not have seen.

Outland is still brilliant and was a heavy influence on Moon. But what’s really brilliant is John Carpenter’s Dark Star. A space movie with a dry sense of humour.

On to our next  film and after all that slowness I decided to go for something with plenty of action after all this slow pondering in space. It’s a monster movie, but one with plenty to say, District 9.

The sleeper hit of 2009 the movie tells the story of a colony of aliens who have been ghettoised after their space craft crash-landed in South Africa. It’s partly a political allegory about racial intolerance  and partly a great action movie.

After a lot of slowness and thought it is also the, much needed, kick up the backside this double bill needs.

If you enjoy that film then hold out for Monsters which is coming soon too. Trailer below.

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