The Arnold Schwarzenegger movie double feature

The good thing about Arnold Schwarzenegger is that his films are perfect for a double bill. There is a mine of action, crappy comedy and B movies to pick from.

So, let us make a start with a film which manages to mix extreme violence, sci-fi and three-breasted women, Total Recall.

Director Paul Verhoeven, a man who managed to bring the world Robocop and Showgirls takes a short story about memory by Philip K Dick and infuses it with huge amounts of madness.

Arnie plays Douglas Quaid a man haunted by dreams of a deadly trip to Mars. When he takes a virtual holiday using memory implants he awakens a part of himself as a secret agent and travels to the red planet to find out what is going on.

Made in 1990 the film is one of the last big violent action films which filled the 80s. It’s great fun

On to our trailers and why not take a little walk down some of the odder films in Arnie’s collection,

Yes, he was badly dubbed. Let us also add in the dubious comedy period he had with the worst moment of those.

But, of course, the worst moment wasn’t his fault. The mess that is Batman & Robin can’t be put at his door, there are too many problems with it for that, but his turn as Mr Freeze hardly helped.

On to our next film and, lets get this straight from the start, it isn’t a great movie. Based on a Stephen King novel The Running Man is silly, weird and violent, but never good.

Arnie plays a wrongly convicted man who must run a televised gauntlet to try and win his freedom. It’s a good example of what made the big man what he is though. A futuristic setting, OTT violence, a one man against many plotline and horrible one-liners. So it’s crap, but it’s the kind of crap that made the man Governor of California

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