The splatter film double feature

Not just a gore film and certainly not torture porn splatter is something very special indeed. A host of violence and gore the splatter film shocks through its joy in excess. Fans of the Splatter Film tend to laugh with mischievousness when mentioning these films, and rightly so. There something very naughty about seeing a man dismember a zombie with a Flymo.

Out first film is the granddaddy of the splatter film. Made back in 1963 it launched the genre.

Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis Blood Feast features the incredibly poorly executed story of an Egyptian caterer kills various women in suburban Miami to use their body parts to bring to life a dormant Egyptian goddess.

The story is is as unusual as the directing is inept. But for a party film it is perfect, a wonderful orgy of extreme gore, melodramatic musical cues and hammy acting. It also includes one of the most inept police investigations ever committed to film.

On to some trailers in the middle and why no pick a film from the man who gave us King Kong and Lord of The Rings (and said Flymo scene) Thanks Peter Jackson

Although George A Romero coined the term Splatter Film for his film Dawn of The Dead we are looking at films that are more about having fun than shocking through violence, so Hostel II is out and Re-Animator is in.

Finally evidence that the splatter film isn’t necessarily just about stupid gore and you can add some satire to the mix too.

Directed by Brian Yuzna, Society, a humourous and latex-filled poke at the American class system did well in Europe but did nothing in the US.

It starts as a paranoid slow burn through the first hour as student Bill feels something is deeply wrong with the world around him before plunging into 30-minutes of madness as the truth of the society around him is revealed, funny, imaginative and different the movie will leave a lasting impression on your mind and your lunch.

It’s a Splatter Film at its most biting.

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