The 80s nostalgia movie double feature

Lets say that you’re, I don’t know, 30 and have, lets say, a bit of a freakout at hitting your 30s. Ahem. What better way to beat the blues than a trip down memory lane, when VHS was the important thing and Simon Bates told you the video classification rules, like this.

Although if you saw that 18 certificate advice and didn’t get a blood-soaked orgy you’d be disappointed, the way he’s selling it.

Anyway, we’re going for something a little tamer than sexual swearwords ahoy for this double bill (although I’d love it if Bates had given a few examples in his introduction). Instead it’s films that, hopefully, you remember but haven’t given much thought to recently.

For example, Explorers from 1985. Directed by Joe Dante and starring Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix it tells the story of an alien obsessed group of three  kids who manage to make a space ship and find TV obssessed aliens.

It’s great fun and an example of a film that managed to find its  (very young) audience once it had made the jump to video. Incidentally, how much did video trailers give away back then? This is the entire movie in a minute.

On to the trailers in the middle and if off we have The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

That’s an odd film. On a similar, I can’t believe that’s aimed at children, front is The Monster Squad

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about Joe Dante’s recent film  The Hole and questioning if it is too scary for kids. Well The Gate knocks that one out of the park.

It’s a similar kind of story, where a kid opens a doorway into a dangerous world but here the threat seems more real the stakes crank up far quicker and, it appears, the film-makers have no problems killing the family dog or, even, a child.

There are also great stop-motion effects and a, very young, Stephen Dorff. It’s perfect for those reliving some of their childhood but after some with a bit of bite.

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